Using Custom Footbeds

You can use your own footbeds in Full Tilt boots if you heat mold the liners. This will allow the bottom of the liners to mold to the your footbeds.

Please have a professional boot fitter perform this for you. Make sure to heat up the boots before inserting the footbeds and molding the liners to your feet.

FTI Shell vs FT Shell

In 2010 we introduced a new FTI shell. The Influence shell has a 102mm last and is available in our Booter, High Five, and Mary Jane models.

The FTI shell is for those who can not fit comfortably into the original FT shell. The FTI shell offers a higher, rounder toebox as well as a 4mm wider last (depending on your foot shape and footbed set up).

Full Tilt Instruction Manual

View our Instruction Manuals below or click here to download a copy of our Instruction Manual..

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